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Jade and SASS

November 11th 2016

Hello! I hope everyone is having a nice day :) So last night I discovered Jade and SASS and I've fallen in love with them. For those who don't know what Jade and SASS are, they are templating languages for HTML and CSS, which are the building blocks for every website on the internet. I discovered it while watching one of DevTips' Tutorials. I love how clean Jade and SASS look compared to their compiled counterparts and it makes working and managing site's much easier. Personally I've already switch my website over to Jade and SASS, it's been so nice compared to writing it in HTML and CSS. Here's a comparison of HTML and Jade:


Website Security: HTTPS

November 9th 2016

Hello, everyone! Security is a topic that I'm no expert on but I do know my way around sufficiently to call myself qualified to talk about. There are a lot of wrong ways of securing sites and very few right ways and I wanted to write this quick post about some of the wrong ways and maybe in the future, I'll touch on right ways. So let's start on the protocol we should be using for the website requests that need that little bit of extra security. We all know HTTP, it's the thing you type before www.myrandomwebsite.com than just HTTP, the other used protocol is HTTPS. Now, you might've seen HTTPS in the spot of HTTP on your browser bar before, maybe when browsing an online bank, and never knew exactly what it was. Well, it stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol and it's the most popular website protocol but it turns out there's actually more logging in or shopping online. What it is, is an encryption that gets added to all the requests you make to a site that make it much harder for someone in the middle to see your data. Sounds pretty good right? Well, it's pretty important when you're running an online store or have a login screen so no one steals data. The S in that comes after the HTTP part stands for "over SSL" or sometimes just "secure". Well, those are the basics, what you should know as a website owner is that you don't always need HTTPS but when running something like a store it will be one of the most important things on your site. Anyways, till next time, bye :)


School and running a business

November 6th 2016

Welcome back :) I've been quite busy the past few days but I have a bit of time now to write a blog post! Today I want to talk about the balance I have between school and work. So I'm young and I get the "don't grow up too fast" talk A LOT but the truth is, I love my work and I've been having a blast working in the web development world. The trouble with it all is balancing it with highschool. I do a decent job at it but sometimes I do get lost in my work and realise I have a school project coming up that needs to get done but I always find time to work for my clients and do school at the same time. This year I started the 10th grade and it has been a grind compared to last year where I could sit back and have the top grades come to me. I've gone from no studying and minimal work to studying two hours a day and working much harder on projects. Just as I hear not to grow up too fast, I hear "School comes first" just as much and I believe that to be very true but it's definetly harder when I can work on graphing quadractics or I could do something I really enjoy and that has become just as important to me. The advice I can give to anyone out there in the same position is to sit back and think to yourself honestly and realise that, yeah you could work full time but highschool is just as important.


My new blog!

November 1st 2016

Hello, everyone! I'd like to welcome you all to my new and improved blog. This will be where I write about stuff going on and other random interesting topics. So whether you're a potential client or just someone interested in my blog, here you go. I'd like to first introduce myself. I'm Evan Dawson, I work as a freelance developer in the London, Ontario area but I have clients all over Canada so don't be shy, even if you're not in the area. I'd be glad to work with you whether you're in Canada, the US or half way around the world! I don't have a set schedule for this blog but I will try and post something every so often just to keep you guys updated on some of the I things I've learned or that I find cool.